CH. Xanthos The Beat Goes On
(Whelped 02-01-2007)
CH. Tangleloft The Heat Is On
CH Xanthos Va Va Va Voom
Owners: Heidi M.W. Greefkes and Stephen R. Sadowski
Bred By: Heidi M.W. Greefkes and Stephen R. Sadowski

My Bamm is breathtaking! He is, in my opinion, very correct in almost every sense of the word - from his structure and good looks - to his "true to the breed" temperament. He is the ideal of what a Golden Retriever should be. He is a dog that you can go out, have fun and play with, or a dog you can just chill with after a long hard day. Bamm has a beautiful headpiece and handsome face with great expression with dark pigment, good bone and coat. He has a beautiful neck blended into a strong topline, with a tail straight off the back. He has a good amount of leg under him, good front and rear angles and a good forechest. He is clean coming and going and looks good on the go around! I couldn’t ask for more in Bamm in the showring - you make him happy and he makes you happy! He is always willing to please. He is now a finished champion!



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