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Xanthos Goodnews Opportunity CDX "Corry"

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Xanthos Kenan of Coneview "Kenan"

Xanthos Fortune Hunter "Hunter"

Owners: Laurie Turner, William Radey Owner: Laura Vilar
Titles: CD, CDX Titles: TDI, CD, CDX

Kenan is the epitome of the happy, eager to please Golden.  He loves to go running with my husband, play with his Golden buddy next-door, eat, run around with  one of his toys in his mouth and be petted (not necessarily in that order). 

And when we were training for obedience he loved to work, especially if there was an audience and my pocket was full of treats.  He got his C.D. with three first place scores (195, 191, 195), his C.D.X. with three more first place scores (197, 194-1/2,  197-1/2) and one leg towards his AKC U.D. with a first place score (195-1/2).  When in the obedience ring he has a lot of golden flash and a happy smile. Kenan is a loving companion to my husband and me and is also loved by the rest of our family and friends.  I think that Kenan is one of those "once in a lifetime" dogs that you will never forget and will always be thankful for how special they are and how much better your life was because you have known them.


Hunter is a wonderful, enthusiastic and extremely responsive Golden. He earned his CD title in four shows and his CDX title in three shows, taking first place at the Wisconsin J=Kennel Club Show at Mecca in 1998. He is also a registered therapy dog with Therapy Dogs International, Inc. and is working with children at Penfield Children's Center in Wisconsin.

Xanthos Sunndust Knock on Wood "Woody"

Xanthos Take Note of My Jazz "Jazz"

Owner: Nancy Steinbrecker Owner: Laura Vilar
Titles: UCDX, UAG11,  UD,OA, CGC, TDI, A-UD, N-RS, NOC,OJ Titles: UD, CD, CDX

Nancy tells us: Woody, my obedience and agility partner, my walking partner, my extraordinary ball retriever, but most of all, my true and faithful friend. Through Woody I was taught the true meaning of patience, without this we never would have gone as far as we did. Woody  puts his all in everything he does, he has received almost every title in 3 consecutive shows. Besides loving obedience and agility,  Woody's most favorite thing to do is retrieve tennis balls, disks, (that I make  just for him) or dumbbells. All I have to do is show Woody something a few times and he remembers for life. I'm looking forward to obtaining a few  more titles with Woody, but if that should fail somehow, having Woody lay right by my feet will make me just as happy. Woody is one extra special guy,  and I'm proud to be owned by him.

U - means UKC they put titles before dogs name.
OA - means, open agility
CGC - means, canine good citizen
TDI - means, Therapy Dog International
A - means, ASCA
N-RS - means, ASCA agility
NOC - means NADAC open agility
NJ - means, NADAC open jumpers

Jazz is a beautiful Golden with regal composure, a beautiful gait and very gentle nature. Jazz has been a competitive obedience dog, placing seven out of ten title legs. She has  earned her CD and CDX titles in her first 3 shows with a Dog World Award in Novice. She earned her UD title in only five shows and placed in each qualifying show. Jazz is now retired from  obedience but continues to work by bringing comfort and love to children at Penfield Children's Center in Wisconsin as a registered therapy dog with Therapy Dogs International, Inc.

 UAG11 CCH UCDX  Xanthos I'm Just Fly'n By "Cassie"

 UOCH CCH AM/CAN OTCH Xanthos Jumpin' For Joy "Dusty"

Owner: Barb Weber Owner: Barb Weber

Cassie was whelped on July 26,1993. She is out of  UOCH CCH AM/CAN OTCH XANTHOS JUMPIN FOR JOY UDX WC, SKC & ASCA UD  and XANTHOS GARDEN OF EDEN.  She is ofa good and cerf'd. Cassie is a multi high in trial winner.

Dusty was whelped on August 23, 1988. He is out of Meadowpond High-Flyer
UD,WC and CH Xanthos Harvest Chaeli Regina. Dusty is ofa excellent and cerf'd. He is a multi high in trial dog and retired from the obedience ring with over 250 OTCH points.

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