Puppy Application
City:    State:   Zip:
Phone: (xxx-xxx-xxxx) 
1) How did you hear about our kennel?
2) Why have you decided that the Golden Retriever is the breed you wish to own?
3) Have you ever owned a Golden Retriever before or any other breed of dog?
4) Are you looking for a  young puppy young adult older dog?
5 )What is the most important reason for purchasing a Golden Retriever (please check all that apply):
family companion show dog breeding prospects obedience competition hunting /field work 
agility/flyball pet therapy
6) What is your preference male or female?  
7) Do you have any other specifics in the type of look and/or personality?
8) Does anyone in your family have allergies to dogs? Please explain if 'Yes':
9) Is your yard completely fenced in? If not would you be willing to do so?
10) Do you currently own any other pets? If so, what type:
11) Do you have any children? If 'Yes,' what are their ages?
12) Would someone be home during the day?  
13) If not, would someone be able to come home and feed the puppy and let it out to exercise?
14) Where would the puppy or dog be housed during the day if no one is home?  Where would the puppy be housed at night when you are sleeping?
15) Are you willing to take the puppy to socialization and obedience classes?
16) When the puppy is purchased as a family pet and is not going to be bred do you agree to have it spayed/neutered by one year of age?
17) If you have any more additional information that would be helpful to us, in placing the right puppy or dog with you please let us know.
18) If the dog becomes too much responsibility for you or your family, do you agree to contact us so that we may place the dog into a more suitable environment?
Note: If you are interested in competing with your puppy and/or dog please contact us by phone so we may speak with you in depth: 1-414-467-1355
By submitting this form, I verify that I have answered the questions truthfully. I also understand that the submission of this information to Xanthos Golden Retrievers does not constitute an agreement guaranteeing the placement of a pup or adult dog into my home. I also understand that that the answers provided in this application will be conditions set forth in a legally-binding placement contract. I also understand that this information is private and will not be sold or distributed by Xanthos Golden Retrievers. 


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